When heroes lie基本信息

When heroes lie

时长:119 min



导演: Arto Halonen

(导演简介:Arto Halonen has directed numerous award-winning films, including  the fiction feature film Princess and the documentary films Shadow of the Holy Book,  Pavlov’s dogs, Karmapa – Two Ways of Divinity and the  Tank Man. In 2005, Halonen was awarded the Finland Prize, the highest annual prize in the arts given by the Ministry of Culture and the Finnish State.

Among other important prizes, he has received the Humanitarian Award of the European Union in 1998, and, in 2008, the Thessaloniki   Documentary Festival honoured him as one of the most important   documentary filmmakers of his generation. In year 2010 Halonen was  awarded by the city of Helsinki Culture prize for his remarkable artistic  career.

Halonen is also the founder and the first festival director of DocPoint –  the Helsinki Documentary Film Festival – and is a member of the European Film Academy.





In the late 1980’s Arto trained students in filmmaking and acted as the Regional Cinema Artist in the province of Northern Karelia. During that time, he trained teachers, screenwriters, and filmmakers using educational films and extensive production programs. The art community there handed him an award for distinguishing himself in film production with international reach. It’s an award many Nordic filmmakers could very well share. In 2000, Arto and some of the foremost documentary film-makers in Finland: Georg Grontenfelt, Visa Koiso-Kanttila, Anu Kuivalainen, John Webster, Timo Korhonen and Kiti Luostarinen established Elephant Films, Ltd. a Finnish Directors’ Group. Although it consists of seven separate prodco’s it is united by a primary aim to strengthen content by creating a synergetic environment where better docs can be made. The collective company manages to share costs and experience without jeopardizing the artistic independence of each filmmaker. As a director-driven company, it also, in a way, surpasses the need for productorial middlemen, or some would say meddle-men. This is an idea whose time could come to these shores, too.


制片公司: Art Films Production(芬兰)http://www.artfilmsproduction.com/

这个公司有一个比较有意思的地方,它的网站上就很明确地写了一部分films produced by Arts Films,一部分 produced by Arto Halonen

Art Films Production AFP Ltd develops and produces creative, quality films. The company’s main focus is on fiction films and documentaries, but animation projects have also been developed and realised over the years. Art Films began its operations in 1987. 很老牌的公司了

联合制片:这个联合制片信息没出现在IDFA或影片官网上,但出现在一篇文章里http://bzfilm.com/articles-notes/first-ever-finnishcroatian-sports-doping-film-presented-to-co-financiers-in-cannes/ 说和克罗地亚的MP Film Production公司联合制片,能搜到一些新闻看到克罗地亚确实有这个制片公司,但没搜到它的官网


facebook界面地址 https://www.facebook.com/whenheroeslie




When an entire group of Finnish skiers tested positive for doping in the Lahti World Championships of 2001, it revealed the systematic and long-term history of the use of illegal performance-enhancing drugs in the sport.

When Heroes Lie analyzes the history of doping from the 1970s to the present day, using archive footage and interviews with skiers, coaches and experts. Director Arto Halonen conducted extensive research into the global doping culture in top-class athletics. He explores how our society, where success systematically prevails over morals, lays the foundation for a hypocritical attitude in the pursuit of triumph. The people want champions and heroism, but close their eyes to the world behind the international stage – that shadowy world that sets the conditions for hero status. But when there’s official confirmation of something that anybody with any common sense could have known all along, the moral outrage is immense. This touches on a wider problem in our society: cheating is the rule rather than the exception when it comes to achieving our sacred goals. But nobody seems to mind, as long as it doesn’t come to light.

以上来源 IDFA http://www.idfa.nl/industry/tags/project.aspx?id=dfae47ce-0b1e-4eda-9c55-5fb2413b2420

和影片官网 http://www.whenheroeslie.com/synopsis



We have been very meticulous in our research, so if anyone will sue us, we can prove every detail of the rotten, doping-ridden history of skiing we disclose. However, we also came upon some second-hand reports, which were simply incredible, and unusable in a documentary on a sensitive subject.



还有一个以前的采访,讲自己对纪录片的态度 http://www.filmfestivals.com/blog/thessaloniki/arto_halonen_press_conference_in_the_10th_thessaloniki_documentary_festival


”With fiction, I can play with the characters and bring in empathy and humour. I want to help people think of doping in a different way, from the angle of people outside the system”



现在唯一找到的是一个a Nordic sport science web journal上的影评 http://idrottsforum.org/forumbloggen/a-faulty-film-coming-to-a-screen-near-you/





不过影片也带来了一些积极影响。导演写了公开信建议改变现有的芬兰兴奋剂监控系统,芬兰Minister of Social Affairs and Health做出回应:I’ve asked to organize a discussion between the Finnish Medicines Agency and the police in order to develop their co-operation. The discussion will be to review the existing mechanisms for cooperation and possible needs for improvement when cooperating with drug control detected in the suspected criminal conduct and seeking a reference to any of the cases in which illegal activity is potentially criminally out of date.


优酷预告片地址 http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTg5NjI2MzI4.html





Dance of Outlaws基本信息

Dance of Outlaws

时长:官网上写的貌似有不同版本83 and 58 min



导演:Mohamed El Aboudi


和其他两个网站http://icebreakerproductions.wordpress.com/creative-mind/mohamed-el-aboudi/  http://www.mol.fi/mol/en/01_ministry/08_publications/02_monitori/05_backissues/01_monitori12541/mon2006_4_10_en.jsp

El Aboudi was born and brought up in Morocco. He graduated from the University of Fes, Morocco with a BA in Theatre, 1991 and with a MA in Film & Television at Bond University, Australia in 1997. He got involved in making the programmes for YLE once he had moved to Finland in 2001.

Selected filmography: Fight of Fate (nominee Prix Europa, 2010), City Folk Helsinki 2007, Inside/Offside 2006, Two Mothers 2005, Ramadan 2004, My Father, the Freemason 2003. In his work Mohamed has been interested in strong human stories. He has made documentaries about asylum seekers, mothers of immigrants, artists, and a girl with Down syndrome.)

制片公司:Illume Ltd(芬兰)http://www.illume.fi/

Illume Ltd is a Finnish production company that specialices in creative documentary filmmaking. The company was established 25 years ago in 1987 by filmmakers Pertti Veijalainen, Jouko Aaltonen and Heimo Lappalainen. Since then more than 90 productions have been completed, including twelwe international co-productions. The company invests in developing entertaining, emotionally engaging films that spark debate about the society and politics in the world today. The company has received European Union MEDIA development slate funding twice, in 2003 and in 2010.

Road Movies Ltd (挪威)没查到这个公司自己的界面,只有影片官网上的简介http://www.danceofoutlaws.com/credits

Road Movies Oy has produced documentaries since 1990. The main partners are the Finnish TV1 and TV2. Also co-productions, pre-sales and acquisitions with several European TV-channels. Special interest in multicultural themes and cultures of resistance. The company produces documentary films with human touch, strong artistic vision and excellent quality.

联合制片公司:YLE 芬兰广播公司




官网 http://www.danceofoutlaws.com/story

IDFA http://www.idfa.nl/industry/tags/project.aspx?id=ffa9c38b-c3f0-492c-bd9d-d5eb21781ef6


When she was only 15, Moroccan Hind was raped and deprived by her shamed family of her identity card. She becomes a woman who doesn’t exist in law. She has no other choice but to work as a prostitute and traditional wedding dancer. By the age of 22 she has been in prison several times, has had two children and been forced to give them away. But despite the odds, she refuses to give up her dream of dignity, motherhood and love.

Through the eyes of one young woman we see a life of constant struggle, but also a life free of the society’s norms and boundaries. The woman in the center of the film, Hind is both vulnerable and courageous as she tries to regain her life, her children and her mere right to live as an equal human being in the 21st century.



官网上有导演自述 http://www.danceofoutlaws.com/story


Euromed Audiovisual(欧盟支持的一个项目:Euromed Audiovisual in its 3rd phase has a budget of €11 million over 3 years (2011-2013) and funds six projects aimed at developing the film and audiovisual sector in 10 South Mediterranean countries: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia)网站的导演采访http://euromedaudiovisuel.net/p.aspx?t=interviews&mid=91&l=en&did=1288



名利场 http://variety.com/2012/film/reviews/dance-of-outlaws-1117948074/

Euromed Audiovisual http://www.euromedaudiovisuel.net/p.aspx?t=news&mid=21&cid=1&l=en&did=1214





时长:86 min



导演: kimmo koskela

(导演简介:Kimmo Koskela started his professional career as a still photographer. In the early 1980s he expanded into movies and video. He has produced, directed, filmed and edited several award-winning fiction, documentary and art films. He has worked with many celebrated Finnish visual art pioneers, such as Eija-Liisa Ahtila and Arno Minkkinen. As one of the leading foundation builders of contemporary Finnish video and media art, Koskela has also been instrumental in advancing media technology applications to stage productions.


并不是完全的电影导演,还做很多的多媒体装置艺术,live performance)

制片公司:Kosleka Art &Media House http://www.koskela.tv/home_koskela_art_media_house_production_production_service.html 本片导演创办了这家公司,cineuropa上没有这家公司的界面,可能和前面提到这个人作品性质有关。

联合制片:芬兰电影基金会上publication里Finnish Films2012这个PDF里http://ses.fi/fileadmin/dokumentit/Finnish_Films_2012.pdf 写到联合制片的都是个人

应该是没有官网,但是这部纪录片的主角Kimmo Pohjonen的个人官网上把此片算作一个项目,上映信息,介绍等都有,而且比较全。http://kimmopohjonen.com/projects/soundbreaker-documentary-2/




Finnish Films2012PDF里有

IDFA里以及Vancouver International Film Festival里写得更全点



如果只把Kimmo Pohjonen称为手风琴演奏家的话,就像只把百科全书当作一本普通的书。他的手风琴演奏添加了电子设备,融合了自然采样,打破了摇滚,民谣,爵士,古典音乐的界限。他蔑视规则,把声音推向极限,打破了人们对手风琴演奏的固有认识。我们在该片里看到他是如何在长久的挣扎和努力中找到了表达自己的方式。

影片没用很多语言来讲述Kimmo Pohjonen的故事,而那些或狂野或温柔的影像片段才是影片真正有冲击力的地方。当他在冰海中潜水时,当他开着心爱的车时,当他敲击自己试图找到自己身体的声音时,我们都听到了手风琴演奏的声音。

Pohjonen reveals himself to be an avant-garde “power accordionist,” bridging the gap between rock, folk, jazz and classical music. The documentary shows one man’s lifelong struggle to find his own way of expression. Bending and breaking the rules, tampering with the bellows, adding electronic devices, sampling noises of animals and earth machines on English farms, he pushes sound to its extremes and shatters everything you know about the accordion. He performs his compositions with some of the finest guitarists and drummers and collaborates with the Kronos String Quartet. Director and cinematographer Kimmo Koskela tells Pohjonen’s story with sparse words. The main thrust of this sumptuously photographed film lies in stylized moments alternating gutsy bravado and tender grace, in which we see and hear the accordionist, not just onstage but also when ice diving, driving around in his beloved classic car, and hitting himself in his attempt to find the melody of his own voice.

还有他的wiki简介 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kimmo_Pohjonen


2012 Dubai International Film Festival 文字采访 http://manipaldxbatdiff12.wordpress.com/2012/12/16/tete-a-tete-with-finnish-filmmaker-kimmo-koskela/

Warsaw Film Festival 3分钟采访



View London评价很低,五星里只给了两星http://www.viewlondon.co.uk/films/soundbreaker-film-review-48850.html

因为Vancouver International Film Festival ,温哥华的音乐网站写了影评,提到有意思的几点是导演拍这片拍了8年,手风琴是芬兰的家庭传统,还介绍了Kimmo的有名的项目,对片子评价不错


一个音乐网站all about jazz的影评,感觉更侧重对他音乐历程的评价。有这样一句话挺说明问题Soundbreaker is not just a documentary that shows Pohjonen’s biography from A to Z; it is a travelogue of both time and space. It is also a visual feast in the same manner as are his many concerts.





Earth Machine Music,在农场里,使用农具的声音,机器运转的声音,人日常活动的声音与手风琴演奏的声音融合在一起,形成了奇妙的听觉体验