在过往的七年中,北欧纪录片电影节以展映影片独特的社会和艺术视角,持续得到了北欧各国使馆,各地合作美术馆机构以及广大观众的认可和支持。每年年一度的电影节将巡回到中国最有活力的三个城市 – 北京,上海和广州,对环境保护,媒体政治,战争和青少年发展等重大全球问题与观众进行了深入讨论。2012年,北欧纪录片电影节在北京尤伦斯当代艺术中心(UCCA),上海民生现代美术馆和广东时代美术馆合作举办,共举行了约40场放映,吸引了众多海内外观众。



NORDOX is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to presenting a unique Nordic perspective on society at large. Each year, we select a wide-range of creative and cutting-edged Nordic documentary films and photography from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. Our festival travels to the three most vibrant cities in China – Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and in 2012 alone, we hosted over 40 screenings and attracted a growing number of Chinese and international attendees .

After 7 years of successful programming and screening, NORDOX is recognized by the public as an annual cross-cultural platform that encourages audience engagement and in-depth discussion on Nordic culture and pressing international issues, such as environmental protection, media politics, warfare and youth development. Meanwhile, we have built up a group of long-term sponsors, venue partners and media partners over the years, which supported NORDOX to be a unique traveling and discussion-oriented festival in China.

Thanks to the continuous funding and participatory support, NORDOX has grown steadily in scale and cultural influence. Our mission is to encourage a stimulating and critical viewing experience for students, young intellectuals and general public who share a similar interest in understanding Nordic culture and the humanitarian concerns embedded in their documentaries and photography, and and how it interacts with the Chinese context. We aim to continue rising the level of our programming and expand our exposure, offering a variety of events such as university screenings and discussion, festivals, exhibition and seminars to audiences across China in the next three years.

In 2013, NORDOX will push torward several key changes. First of all, we will program events throughout the year. The overall program consists of NORDOX university tour in the spring, the Nordic Documentary Film Festival and the Nordic Photography Exhibition happen in the fall. While developing the year-long programming, NORDOX would actively engage in partnership building, discussion environmental and audience involvement in both local and global settings.


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