《….but Film Is My Mistress》基本信息

《….but Film Is My Mistress》《…但是电影是我的情妇》基本信息

时长:66 min


制片公司: Stiftelsen Ingmar Bergman, Stockholm

联合制片公司: Mantaray Film & TV Production HB, Stockholm,AB Svensk Filmindustri, Stockholm

Advance allocations:   Stiftelsen Svenska Filminstitutet, Stockholm

发行:2010年5月 (法国)

制片人:Stina Gardell

导演: Stig Björkman

配乐: Matti BYE –


Stig Björkman (born 2 October 1938) is a Swedish writer and film critic. He has also directed fifteen films since 1964. His 1972 film Georgia, Georgia was entered into the 23rd Berlin International Film Festival.[1] His 1975 film The White Wall was entered into the 9th Moscow International Film Festival.[2]




影片« … mais le cinéma reste ma maîtresse »(电影就是我情人),瑞典导演斯蒂格•比约克曼(Stig Björkman)第二部关于伯格曼的纪录片展现了从1965年的Persona到2003年的Saraband等8部影片拍摄期间留下的纪实性工作样片,试图以此捕捉到英格玛•伯格曼(Ingmar Bergman)非凡的个性。

8部电影包括:《假面》(Persona)、《羞恥》(Shame)、《哭泣與耳語》(Cries and Whispers)、《婚姻暗流》(Scenes from a Marriage)、《秋天奏鳴曲》(Autumn Sonata)、《傀儡人生》(From the Life of the Marionettes)、《排演之後》(After the Rehearsal)、《夕陽舞曲》(Saraband)。

整部影片由利夫•乌尔曼(Liv Ullmann)指导。数位受到英格玛•伯格曼巨大影响的杰出导演对图片进行了评论。其中包括伍迪•艾伦(Woody Allen)、奥利弗‧阿萨亚斯(Olivier Assayas)、贝纳多•贝托鲁奇 (Bernardo Bertolucci)、阿诺•戴普勒相(Arnaud Desplechin)、约翰•赛尔斯(John Sayles)、马丁•斯科西斯(Martin Scorsese)及拉斯•冯•提尔(Lars von Trier)。影片清晰地描述了这位艺术家的形象,他在每部新的影片计划中都会为自己和演员、摄影师等同事设定一个全新的挑战。


英格玛·伯格曼 不仅仅是瑞典最有名的电影导演,他也是世界上最负盛名的电影制片。他颇具创造力的300多部作品包括电影,电视,电台和出版物。

Ingmar Bergman的详细介绍http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/英格玛·伯格曼

英格玛·伯格曼 Ingmar Bergman基金会 http://ingmarbergman.se


EPOS The International Art Film Festival

Official Selection


Brisbane Int. Film Festival

Official Selection



Official Selection


BAFICI Buenos Aires Festival

Official Selection


It’s All True Documentary Film Festival

Official Selection


Hong Kong International Film Festival

Official Selection


Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival

Official Selection


Nordische Filmtage Lübeck

Official Selection


Telluride Film Festival

Official Selection


Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Classics


Quotes from the film

There are certain people you think of that make up the fabric of the art world, of culture, of show business. And they’re just there all the time, you know. Picasso was always there, for a hundred years, an actual hundred years. And so with no Bergman, and no Truffaut, and no Fellini, no Buñuel, and no Kurosawa, you know, they are the ones that really define celluloid, the cameras and the light and all that. They are the ones who defined it as art. All that gift goes, and it’s terrible. –Woody Allen

If you were alive in the 50s and the 60s and of a certain age, a teenager on your way to becoming an adult, and you wanted to make movies, I don’t see how you couldn’t be influenced by Bergman. –Martin Scorsese

When people feel on their guard against Bergman films, saying: “His films are for adults for the upper class.” Never… Never! It scares children. Great! It’s primitive, like the films that were made in 1910, in 1920. You can see he’s been faithful to the silent movie all his life. Later, in the talkies, characters said great things, yes. But the action is pure silent movie stuff, to me, as I watch them. –Arnaud Desplechin。http://worldcinemafoundation.org/films/but-film-is-my-mistress

上述英文翻译Cinephilia迷影中V《…但是电影是我的情妇》 斯科塞斯 谈 伯格曼(1)都有,介绍的很全http://cinephilia.net/archives/1816

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