导演: Herbert Sveinbjörnsson

(导演简介:Herbert Sveinbjörnsson ( 22 July 1973 ) is an Icelandic filmmaker who works with RUV(冰岛广播电视台). He was Chairman of the Citizens Movement – people in Congress . Citizens Movement came through four members of parliament. Herbert stopped in August 2009 because of unrest within the movement. He blogged about the issue, saying: “It’s hard to watch a child of ridicule and make a fool of himself, watching it change what you look for.” 来自wiki 芬兰文,用google翻译的


冰岛电影中心上他的电影履历 Future of Hope也是他的片子)

制片公司:Edisons lifandi ljósmyndir ehf 没什么信息,目前也只制作了这一部电影,还有 future of hope 联合制片






On April 14th 2010 the earth opened up for the second time in less than a month at Eyjafjallajökull in Southern Iceland. The volcanic eruption melted the ice cap, flooded the nearby farms and spewed 70 tons of ash into the stratosphere per second and disrupted air traffic throughout Northern Europe. It forced many flight cancellations and stranded thousands of passengers. The disruption captured the world’s attention. When the airlines resumed their normal routes and headlines started to fade, the farmers under the volcano were fighting for their livestock and livelihood as they still are today.

The film ‘ASH’ follows three farming families living under the volcano over the course of a year to see the effect of the ash on their lives and livelihood. It is a character-driven creative documentary about the aftermath under the volcano.






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