时长:103 min



导演: Maud Nycander, Kristina Lindström

(导演简介:Maud Nycander, photographer/director/producer, was born in 1960. She started her carrier as a still photographer. In the middle of the 90s she started to work with film and television. 摘自该导演自己所在的制片公司的官网

Maud Nycander is a documentary filmmaker who lives in Stockholm. Her previous films include the highly acclaimed Love and Fish Fingers/Kärlek och fiskpinnar (2004) and The Latin Kings (2004). 摘自瑞典电影协会她的界面

Kristina Lindström was born in 1957 in Sundbyberg , is a Swedish writer , journalist and filmmaker.Lindstrom was trained at the School of Journalism in Gothenburg 1977-1979. She has worked at the Daily News and has been a producer at Swedish Radio’s community editorial board from 1984 to 1994. Lindstrom was employed on Swedish Television in 1994. In SVT, she has been the project manager and producer for Bullen, and for the celebration documentary project Elbyl which was an innovative community programs for young adults. Between 2000-2010 she was Director of Culture editorial on SVT . Lindstrom has made ​​documentaries for radio and television.  摘自wiki ,是瑞典语,用google翻译的,瑞典电影协会上都没有她的英文简介)

制片公司:B-Reel AB(瑞典)

B-Reel commands a global presence, with offices in Stockholm, New York, London, Los Angeles and Berlin. It has created and produced integrated digital campaigns, TV commercials, documentaries, web experiences, online shows, mobile experiences, games, interactive installations, visual identities, out of home, print, and products. 类型很丰富的制作公司,而且电影的履历也不少。目前瑞典电影协会的首页上有部电影叫hotel,就是这个公司正在制作的。


Film i Väst AB(瑞典)是瑞典地区性电影基金,除了提供资金支持,还有制片,教育支持

Manden med Cameraet ApS (丹麦)

PAN Vision AB(瑞典)网上查到的是一家游戏出版经销公司,不知道是不是做这部电影的公司

内容简介:瑞典电影协会上的介绍非常简短 It’s 25 years since the February night when Olof Palme was shot dead on the streets of Stockholm, changing Sweden forever overnight. Palme is the film about his life and times, and about the Sweden he helped to create. A man who changed history.



Olof Palme was a pivotal, renowned, and polarizing figure domestically as well as in international politics since the 1960s. He was the two-term Prime Minister of Sweden. Palme was steadfast in his non-alignment policy towards the superpowers, frequently criticized US and Soviet foreign policy, and supported numerous third world liberation movements. The major reforms in the Sweden carried out by Olof Palme promoted the process of democratization, boosted economic growth and built complete social welfare system.

In 1986, Palme was assassinated on the street on the street of Stockholm, and the identity of the killer is still unknown. Though Palme was a controversial figure during his career, he is memorized by the people around the world.

This film about his life and times, and about the Sweden he helped to create.

facebook界面地址: 瑞典语


“Palme” broke all box office records for a Swedish documentary upon it’s release in mid-September 2012. It became a docu blockbuster and surpassed 240 000 admissions in Sweden


The 37th Hong Kong International Film Festival有三部瑞典电影Palme,Eat Sleep Dir, Call Girl参加了这届电影节,所以电影节对 它们的导演/制片人进行了集体采访,除了各自的电影,还谈到了瑞典电影以及瑞典的现状。


Swedish films thrived in 2012, taking 22% of the local box office even as Hollywood blockbusters overwhelmed cinemas in neighboring countries. The stunning popularity of homegrown works was aided by surprise hits such as Kristina Lindström and Maud Nycander’s Palme, which is the best-attended Swedish documentary in almost 25 years.

On a more fun note, Palme’s co-director Maud Nycander revealed that the film’s music was composed by ABBA’s Benny Andersson. Andersson was once asked in an interview if he had been star-struck before. After some thought, he answered, “Yes, once, when I met Olof Palme.” He was asked if he would contribute to this documentary, and he agreed.

The Local–Sweden news in English




温哥华DOXA Documentary Film Festival对片子的基本简介,但因为同时还选了一部关于尼克松的片子,所以对于两个人还做了对比





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