When bubbles burst基本信息

时长:90 min



导演:Hans Petter Moland

(导演简介:Hans Petter Moland has directed six feature films and one documentary: The Last Lieutenant (1993), Zero Kelvin (1995), Aberdeen (2000), The Beautiful Country (2004), Comrade Pedersen (2006), A Somewhat Gentle Man (2010) and the documentary When Bubbles Burst (2012). He has also directed the award winning short United We Stand (2002). He holds a BFA in Film from Emerson College (1978). Both The Beautiful Country and A Somewhat Gentle Man were selected for Competition at the Berlin International Film Festival. 粗体的三部电影在中国有一定的知名度http://www.doxafestival.ca/festival/films/bubbles

IMDB上的简介:British film historian Peter Cowie once described him as “the Ridley Scott of Norway,” for his directing hundreds of TV commercials and winning awards at all the major festivals of advertising films.)

制片公司:Eyeworks Dinamo AS http://www.dinamo.no/enheter/eyeworks


挪威电影协会上的 2013 Norwegian Films at Goteborg International Film Festival 和 2012 Norwegian Films的PDF里都有介绍


One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival http://www.oneworld.cz/2013/films-a-z/22293



DOXA Documentary Film Festival(温哥华)




“When Bubbles Burst” looks at the burst financial bubble from a true global perspective – namely from a bankrupt Norwegian mountain village! Here, one has lived for over 1000 years believing in each other and the common good, until the small community lost everything in a speculative investment. As a result, Vik’s former Mayor along with a village counsellor venture to the United States, United Kingdom, and throughout Europe to find out where their money ended up and uncover the culprits.

This documentary gives us an alternatingly fascinating and terrifying glimpse at the current state of the global economy. It also discusses financial crises of the past, and it does not pretend that financial debt is unlikely or necessarily “bad”. Of those interviewed on the subject, they assert that it is actually necessary because it paves the way for innovation. This documentary also looks at the future of investment in green development and economic sustainability.



http://www.vancouverweekly.com/the-bubble-has-burst/ 来自Vancouver Weekly





优酷 http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTgxMzg4OTQ0.html





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